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anubis in dream meaning


Please note that the interpretations and insights shared on this blog by Hilda Warner are based on psychological theories and personal observations. They reflect her subjective understanding and do not claim to offer definitive explanations for your dreams.

Dreaming of Anubis is often associated with guidance and protection. Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife, symbolizes wisdom and divine judgement. Dreams involving Anubis may indicate a need for spiritual understanding and assistance in navigating life’s

Dreaming of Anubis, the jackal-headed god from ancient Egyptian mythology, often stirs a mix of intrigue and mystery in the dreamer’s mind. As the overseer of the mummification process and the guide of souls to the afterlife, his appearance in dreams can be a powerful symbol. I’ll delve into the possible meanings behind these dreams, exploring the connection between Anubis and our subconscious.

Whether you’re fascinated by the lore of ancient Egypt or seeking understanding of your own dreams, Anubis’s presence can be both unsettling and enlightening. Stay tuned as I unpack the layers of interpretation and cultural significance surrounding dreams of this enigmatic deity.

Who is Anubis?

The Egyptian God of the Dead

In exploring the mystery of dreaming of Anubis, I’ve delved into his ancient roots. Anubis is a prominent figure in Egyptian mythology, known as the god of the dead. Often depicted as a man with the head of a jackal, Anubis’s image is instantly recognizable to many. He was the protector of graves and the guide for souls transitioning to the afterlife.

As I’ve researched, I stumbled upon numerous accounts suggesting those who dream of Anubis might be experiencing a profound connection with the afterlife or their mortality. The enigmatic god is not just a guardian of physical remains, but also the one who weighs the heart of the deceased against the feather of Ma’at, determining their fate in the afterlife. This symbolic act deeply influences what it might mean to dream about Anubis.

How Did Anubis Become A God?

Anubis became a god in ancient Egyptian mythology through his association with death and the role he played in the afterlife rituals and judgment ceremonies.

Symbolism and Role in Egyptian Mythology

The symbolism surrounding Anubis is as deep as the crypts he was believed to protect. In Egyptology, Anubis is associated with mummification and the afterlife, playing a crucial role in the death rituals of ancient Egyptians. They believed dreaming of Anubis could signify a transformation or a rite of passage.

When I saw Anubis in a dream, I interpreted it as a sign of an impending end or beginning, akin to the transitions he governs. His presence in dreams can also point to the dreamer’s quest for truth and justice, reflecting Anubis’s role in the judgment of souls.

For those delving into the dream of Anubis, one might see it as an invitation to introspection, suggesting a period of reflection or decision-making. The potent imagery and seeing Anubis in dreams often evoke a sense of awe and solemn contemplation about life’s cycles and mysteries.

The Importance of Dreams

Understanding the Purpose of Dreams

I’ve always found dreams to be a fascinating aspect of the human experience. They’re not just random images or stories; they hold deeper meanings and messages from our subconscious. When I dream of Anubis, it’s difficult to dismiss it as mere coincidence. Psychology tells us that dreams are a crucial tool for the mind to process emotions and events. For those who’ve reported dreaming of Anubis, it’s often interpreted as more than just a nighttime narrative; it’s a reflection of an inner journey, possibly tapping into ancient collective wisdom.

Dreams provide a safe space for me to confront my thoughts and fears without the constraints of reality. When I find myself in the realm of dreams, every symbol and character has the potential to offer insights into my life. Anubis dream meaning can vary widely, but most interpretations agree that it’s tied to transformation and introspection. When considering what it means to dream about Anubis, it’s important to reflect on the personal symbology that Anubis holds for me.

Analyzing Dream Symbolism

Dream symbolism can be both universal and incredibly personal. When I analyze my dreams, I focus on the emotions and thoughts that accompany each symbol. In the case of an Anubis dream, there is a rich tapestry of symbolism to unpack, ranging from the dog’s loyalty and protection to the deity’s association with the afterlife. For those who’ve mentioned they’ve been seeing Anubis in dreams, it often symbolizes a call to acknowledge aspects of the self that require attention or change.

Dream about Anubis often pushes me to explore themes of death and rebirth, not in a literal sense but as a metaphor for endings and beginnings. I’ve noticed that to fully understand the dream of Anubis from my perspective, I need to consider my current life situations. Are there areas where I am seeking the truth or justice, similar to the role Anubis played in guiding souls? When I hear someone say “I saw Anubis,” the conversation naturally shifts to the deeper implications of their life and the mysteries they are unravelling.

In essence, dream analysis is not a straightforward process – it involves sifting through layers of symbols and meanings. Recognizing that Anubis may embody different things to different dreamers is essential. Regardless of the common threads that exist in dreaming of Anubis, the personal context shapes the ultimate interpretation.

Anubis in Dreams

What it Means to Dream of Anubis

Dreaming of Anubis isn’t an everyday encounter in the realm of sleep. When I find myself standing before this stoic, jackal-headed deity in a dream, it’s as though I’m being invited into a ceremony of profound insight. The Anubis dream meaning strikes a chord with the ancient practices of guidance and protection in the afterlife. It suggests that there’s a transition in my waking life that requires my attention—perhaps a personal transformation or a confrontation with the unknown.

Whenever I have a dream of Anubis, it makes me ponder on the truths and mysteries intertwined with my fate. This powerful figure doesn’t simply represent death; it embodies the process of mummification, which is, in essence, preservation. Thus, I might be urged to preserve the valuable aspects of my life or to prepare myself for change—that’s the inherent wisdom of seeing Anubis in dreams.

Possible Interpretations of Anubis in Dreams

Let’s delve deeper into what it could mean to dream about Anubis. Interpretations can vary widely, but a few resonate more frequently than others:

  • Transformation and Growth: In the spirit of the god’s role as a guide to souls, this dream could signify that I’m undergoing a significant change. It might be an indication to let go of the past and evolve.
  • Judgment and Truth: Anubis weighed the heart against a feather to decide one’s fate. So, dreaming of Anubis might imply that I’m being called to reckon with my own conscience or evaluate my actions.
  • Protection and Guardianship: Similar to how Anubis protected the realm of the dead, this dream might point to a need for guarding something precious in my life or seeking guidance.

When I saw Anubis in my dream, it felt like a reflection of a deep-seated need to search for a deeper understanding of life’s enigmas. Maybe I’m confronting fears, digging through layers of my subconscious, or simply exploring the sacred and the profane. Each night, the veil between the real and the surreal thins, and seeing Anubis in dreams serves as a reminder that there’s much more to life than meets the eye.

Common Dream Scenarios with Anubis

Dreaming of Meeting Anubis

Meeting Anubis in a dream can be a profound experience. When I analyze such dreams, I find that the anubis dream meaning often points to an encounter with the subconscious. It’s not just about having a dream about Anubis; it suggests the crossing of thresholds, ushering the dreamer into the realms of the unknown. Dreaming of Anubis can symbolize a period where I’m seeking clarity in matters that are shrouded in mystery. Perhaps I’m at a life crossroad and seeing Anubis in dreams represents the desire to navigate these changes with wisdom and support from unseen powers.

Dreaming of Being Judged by Anubis

The dream of being judged by Anubis can be quite intimidating. After all, Anubis is known as the judge of the dead, weighing one’s heart against the feather of Ma’at. In this context, what does it mean to dream about Anubis in such a scenario? It might indicate that I’m experiencing a period of self-reflection, contemplating the value of my actions and decisions. The feeling of being judged can also reflect my inner critic, where I’m assessing my own truth and ethics. Seeing Anubis in dreams, holding the scales, often drives me to introspect my life’s balance – am I living in alignment with my principles?

Dreaming of Being Guided by Anubis

Dreaming of being guided by Anubis is another intriguing avenue to explore. This dream scenario can reveal Anubis’ protective and guiding aspect. If I dream of Anubis leading me through darkness or unfamiliar territory, it might symbolize my trust in divine or intuitive guidance through uncertain times. It also reflects on the role of Anubis as a protector of souls, so in the dream world, his guidance might be a sign that I’m under spiritual protection. The sensation of being escorted by this entity can leave me with a sense of peace upon waking, knowing I have support in my journey toward understanding life’s enigmas.

Historical and Cultural Significance

Anubis in Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

When I look into the ancient Egyptian context, Anubis takes a prominent role as a protector of graves and a guide to the afterlife. As the god of mummification, he was responsible for embalming and overseeing the dead, making him an integral figure in the death rites and ceremonies. His image, often depicted in tombs and sacred texts like the Book of the Dead, resonated deeply with the Egyptian people. The significance of dreaming of Anubis in those days could indicate a divine message or a visitation from the god himself. As times evolved, the interpretation of these dreams might have also transformed. Today, people often ponder the Anubis dream meaning, curious about what it means to dream about Anubis.

Dreams taking place in ancient Egypt or involving mummification processes could hint at my own thoughts about mortality or rebirth, and seeing Anubis in dreams may symbolize the subconscious acting as a guide through complex emotional landscapes.

Anubis in Modern Cultures and Religions

In the modern context, Anubis still captivates the imagination. Whether it’s through books, movies, or spiritual practices, the iconography of Anubis has transcended time. I find that the dream of Anubis now may tap into a collective unconscious filled with myths and archetypes that have permeated various cultures and religions. It’s fascinating to consider the layers of meaning that enrich the modern Anubis dream interpretations.

I saw Anubis in a dream recently, which sparked a journey into understanding how ancient gods like Anubis fit into our contemporary worldview. The universal themes of judgment, transition, and the unknown which Anubis represents find new resonance in today’s society. Dreaming of Anubis could be a subconscious dive into one’s personal ethos, challenging my daily life decisions or perhaps signifying a need for protection and guidance in times of uncertainty.

As Anubis traverses through the dreams of many, he carries with him a legacy that not only touches on individual introspection but also on a collective yearning for insight into life’s ever-present mysteries.


What Does Anubis Symbolize

Anubis symbolizes death, embalming, and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian mythology. As the jackal-headed god, he was believed to guide souls to the underworld and weigh them for judgment. Anubis also represented protection and the guardian of tombs, ensuring the deceased’s journey to the afterlife was safe.

How To Know If Anubis Is Calling You?

“If you feel a strong connection to ancient Egyptian deity Anubis, there may be signs that he is calling you. Look out for recurring dreams or visions, a fascination with Egyptian mythology, or an affinity for dogs. Trust your intuition and explore further to better understand this potential spiritual connection.”


Dreaming of Anubis isn’t just a fleeting night-time curiosity—it’s a profound journey into the depths of the human psyche. Whether you’re seeking guidance through your own emotional underworld or looking for a symbol of protection, this powerful motif from ancient Egypt resonates deeply within our modern lives. As we navigate our day-to-day challenges, it’s comforting to imagine a guardian like Anubis, offering direction and reassurance. Remember, such dreams are a bridge to understanding the intricate tapestry of our subconscious, connecting us to the timeless wisdom of the past. Keep exploring the mysteries of your dreams—they’re a wellspring of insight and personal growth.

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11 responses to “Dreaming of Anubis: Exploring Ancient Egyptian Symbolism and Modern Interpretations”

  1. Ulzpops Avatar

    I had a close one as credible explained in the article, it happened as a half dream half asleep when I saw a figure of man with look alike Dog or fox head very dark like something roasted in the Fire, jumped down from my ceiling and sparks of fire and dark smoke was coming out of his body as if it was coming out of fire, seems as if he is after something, he killed it but I couldn’t clearly see the other figure he was after, but at instant I was calm and afraid. immediately he walked through my door. After waiting for some good reasons of time, I came out of my sleeping place. I don’t know what it means, I don’t know how to relate it, but I know it was not a dream.

    1. Hilda Warner Avatar

      Wow, that sounds like a really intense experience. I can only imagine how scary it must have been to see a figure like that in your half-asleep state. It’s interesting that the figure had a dog or fox head and was surrounded by fire and smoke – I wonder if there’s any significance to those details.

      It’s also intriguing that you felt calm and afraid at the same time. Sometimes our emotions can be conflicting in dreams or semi-conscious states, and it can be hard to make sense of what we’re feeling.

      While it’s hard to say exactly what your experience means or how to interpret it, it’s clear that it had a strong impact on you. Sometimes dreams or semi-conscious states can bring up feelings or experiences from our waking life that we need to process or work through. If this experience is still weighing on you, it might be worth exploring it further with a therapist or someone you trust.

      Thanks for sharing your story with me – it’s always interesting to hear about the different experiences people have that seem to defy explanation.

  2. Dwight Avatar

    I’m not even sure what forum I’m in. I was researching a dream I had last night and the comment Ulzpops said about being half asleep when seeing the dog like figure caught my attention. My dream was shortly after my wife and I fell asleep. The dream was located in our bedroom and the large as a bear figure had a face of either an deer, elk, or horse but with a split nose or snout. Mid way down the nose were two functioning sets of teeth, nostrils, and lips but the jaws seemed to be shared. This creature seemed to glide beside our bed and stood up when it passed our heads. It took a large stride over the corner of the bed, within a foot of our heads. I was sleeping face down and had to lift my head to see the first part of the step but the last part of the step was out of view. Even though i couldn’t see the step landing, I could tell where and when it was landing from the size of it’s stride and pace of the step. The downward motion landed with a loud thud (that i heard in my dream) accompanied by a tin can clanking noise that woke both me and my wife asking each other what was that. I was aware that the clanking noise could be heard in real life. I was still half asleep but we both heard the same clanking noise and it was loud. There was nothing that could have produced that sound in our room. I halfway told here what i saw in the dream that seemed to make the noise and then we fell back asleep after a short discussion. This happened last night and I had forgot about it until an hour ago, then immediately ask my wife what she remembered. She said “oh yea, that shit was weird. You should look up the meaning of that” Before i post this I read what i just wrote to my wife to confirm that she did indeed hear the clanking noise. She replied “OMG yes, It woke me up. are you kidding” For what its worth, i swear to god this happened and seemed real to both of us. Any feed back on meaning is appreciated.

    1. Hilda Warner Avatar

      Hello Dwight,

      Thank you for sharing your intriguing dream with me and the Dreamarca community. Dreams can indeed be unsettling and enigmatic experiences, leaving us to ponder their meanings long after we’ve awoken. I can tell by the detail in your description that this dream had a significant impact on you, especially since it seemed to cross into your waking life with that shared clanking noise you and your wife both heard.

      The presence of a figure with the face of an animal—be it a deer, elk, or horse—may represent aspects of your own character or life circumstances that you’re still trying to figure out. These animals often symbolize different traits: deers are usually connected with gentleness, elks with stamina and nobility, and horses with freedom and power. The split nose and dual set of teeth are particularly interesting. They may indicate duality in your life or inner conflicts you might be experiencing. Perhaps you’re feeling torn between two paths, ideas, or decisions?

      The creature’s large size and the way it moved around your bed might suggest that this issue or conflict is too big to ignore and is looming over you, even invading your personal, private space. The loud thud and tin can clanking that both you and your wife heard may symbolize a wake-up call or an urgent need to address something.

      I’d like to emphasize that while dream interpretation is not an exact science, the feelings and thoughts evoked by your dream can give valuable insights into your waking life. You mentioned that you were both half-asleep, and I wonder if you’ve heard of hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations? These are sensory experiences that happen in the borderland state between wakefulness and sleep and can feel incredibly real. Sometimes they can blend into our dreams and even be heard or felt by others sharing our bed.

      Given how both you and your wife were affected, this experience may be a shared signal to attend to something specific in your lives. Have there been any pressing issues or decisions you’ve both been avoiding?

      Thank you again for sharing, and I hope my interpretation provides some insights into your experience.

      Best wishes,
      Hilda Warner

  3. Stokley Riffle Avatar
    Stokley Riffle

    Can you explain this. Why I am seeing Anubis in my dreams give me an signs and there was rituals around they chanting me to put on mask full of black as Anubis and they says you are on the right path on your journey the true warrior do not fear and we are here to guide you through the steps to success warrior. Can you explain this?

    1. Hilda Warner Avatar

      Hello Stokley,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us at Dreamarca.com. Dreams with potent symbols like Anubis can carry deep meanings rooted in personal experiences, cultural beliefs, or collective archetypes.

      1. Anubis: Anubis is an ancient Egyptian deity, often depicted as a man with the head of a jackal. He is primarily associated with mummification and the afterlife, serving as a protector of graves and a guide to souls transitioning to the afterlife. Seeing Anubis in your dreams could suggest themes related to transformation, transition, or guidance.

      2. Rituals and Chanting: Rituals in dreams can represent processes of transformation, initiation, or gaining deeper wisdom. They often signify a rite of passage or a move from one phase of life to another.

      3. The Mask: Masks in dreams can symbolize various things, from hiding one’s true self to adopting new roles or identities. In the context of your dream, the mask of Anubis might represent you taking on the attributes or responsibilities associated with this deity – guidance, protection, or overseeing transitions.

      4. The Message: “You are on the right path on your journey, the true warrior do not fear, and we are here to guide you through the steps to success warrior.” This is a very affirmative and positive message. It speaks of courage, guidance, and assurance that you are on the correct path. It signifies strength, perseverance, and confidence in your chosen path.

      Given these elements, your dream seems to be a powerful affirmation. It might be suggesting that you are currently undergoing (or about to undergo) a significant transformation or transition in your life. The presence of Anubis and the ritualistic elements suggest that this is a spiritual or deeply personal journey. The messages you received indicate that you are headed in the right direction and that you have the strength and guidance (both external and from within) to navigate this journey successfully.

      It’s also worth noting that if you’ve had any exposure to Egyptian mythology or have a personal connection to it, this could influence the symbols appearing in your dream. Dreams often draw from our conscious and subconscious experiences.

      However, as always, it’s crucial to reflect on what resonates with you personally. Every dream is shaped by individual experiences, emotions, and situations.

      Wishing you clarity and strength on your journey, Stokley.


  4. Jerry Vasquez Avatar

    I was dreaming about cleaning a shed with old beds in it. My wife was helping me. None of it made sense. When all of a sudden a lady was laying on one bed. She was dark and looked dead. We got closer when we realized it looked exactly like my wife. The scary ladies eyes opened and claimed they were Anubis. I woke up scared. I’ve never consciously known that name. Maybe heard it in background in a movie or something. Had to look it up as soon as I woke. Wife said it sounded scary. Not sure what it meant.

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