Biblical Meaning Of Chicken In A Dream




Biblical Meaning Of Chicken In A Dream


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The Bible doesn’t say anything about what it means to dream about a chicken.

But there are a few references to chickens in the Bible that might help you figure out what it might mean if you dream about a chicken.

Biblical Meaning Of Chicken In A Dream

Old Testament Reference:

In the Old Testament, chickens are talked about as a common food source and a sacrifice.

In Leviticus 1:14, for example, the Lord tells the Israelites that if they can’t afford a young pigeon or turtledove, they can use a female chicken instead.

New Testament Reference:

In Luke 15, there is a story called “The Prodigal Son.” In this story, the son asks his father for his inheritance and then spends it on “living wild.”

When he gets back home, his father throws a party and has the “fattened calf” killed as a way to celebrate.

Chicken as a Symbol in Dreams

Given these connections, a dream about a chicken could mean food or provision, or it could mean a sacrifice or an offering.

It could also mean that something is being wasted or thrown away. The meaning of a dream, on the other hand, is very personal and can be affected by the dreamer’s own feelings about chickens and the dream’s setting.

It is important to remember that the Bible says that God can talk to people through their dreams and give them advice. If you had a dream about a chicken and want to know what it means, it’s a good idea to pray and ask God for help, as well as to talk to wise and experienced Christians who can help you understand.

Positive Interpretations of Chicken Dreams

Here are a few things that could be good about having a dream about a chicken:

  • Food and nourishment: Chickens are often thought of as a source of food and nourishment because they lay eggs and meat. If you dream about a chicken, it could mean that you are being taken care of or that you have the resources you need to take care of yourself.
  • Offerings and sacrifices: In the Bible, chickens were often used as sacrifice offerings. If you dream about a chicken, it could mean that you are willing to make sacrifices or give something valuable to help others.
  • Fertility and plenty: Chickens are known for laying eggs, which represent potential and fertility. If you dream about a chicken, it could mean that you are open to new beginnings and have a lot of good things in your life.

Negative Interpretations of Chicken Dreams

Here are some bad things that could mean if you dream about a chicken:

  • Fear and feeling weak: Chickens are often portrayed as shy and easy to scare animals, so dreaming about one could mean that you feel weak or afraid.
  • Potential lost: In the story of the prodigal son, the son wastes his inheritance on “dissolute living.” If you dream about a chicken, it could mean that you feel like you’ve wasted chances or potential.

Chickens are often shown as being at the mercy of their predators, so seeing a chicken in a dream could mean that you feel helpless or like you’re at the mercy of outside forces.


When thinking about what a chicken means, it’s important to look at both its cultural meaning and how it shows up in your dreams. How important the chicken is to you depends on its color, how many you see, whether it is alive or dead, and any other details you can think of.

Usually, seeing chickens in a dream is a sign of plenty, fertility, potential, and caring. It could mean that something new or exciting is about to happen in your life or that you need to pay more attention to a certain area.

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